dancer with flair

I am so glad that someone remembered that people of color come in various shades and colors....

Dr. Joan Myers Brown/Founder of PHILADANCO Dance Company & Philadelphia School of Dance Arts

About us

Shades of Dance Inc. was founded in 2008 by Robin Gamble-Maddrey and Stephanie Gamble because of a need that was identified amongst the dance community. It is our mission to provide quality, affordable dancewear to people of all shades.

We are a company specializing in skin tone convertible dance tights for people of all shades. Dance is an art form that tells a story to its audience and expresses how the dancer is truly feeling. Body image starts from within… it is a reflection of who you are. Our goal is to allow every dancer to see a true image of themselves when they look in the mirror…this starts with our dancewear. So keep dancing, leaping and pirouetting… Shades of Dance will take care of the rest.

Robin Gamble-Maddrey and Stephanie Gamble